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Mentors and Coaches

Mentors, Coaches, Peers Regional Mentor Training Regional Peer Mentor Guidelines PEER Duties

First Step – Onboarding Resources for New Agents and Mentor Agents

First Step – Onboarding Resources for New Agents & Mentor Agents For State Level Resources in Support on New Agent Onboarding, click here – PENDING For Regional Level Resources in Support of New Agent Onboarding, see the links below First Step County Orientation Regional Onboarding Guide Regional Onboarding Checklist Regional Onboarding Plan District New Agent Administrative Orientation Agenda First Step Evaluation – New Agents First Step Evaluation – Host County New Agent Online Modules Unit Expectations with Newly Hired Extension Agents New Agent Expectations 1 month 3 months… Read More →

D12 New Agent Orientation – Travel/Concur

FY23 Blanket Travel Authorization D12 County Extension Agents Travel on State Funds Concur – CEA Travel Requests (before a trip) Concur – Expense Reports (after a trip) Concur Training Videos

D12 New Agent Orientation – OneDrive County Reports

One Drive Instructions – D12 Agent Reports D360 Monthly Schedule Travel D-738 Office Conference – Instructions D738 Office Conference – Blank D-843 Commissioners Court Report AG-808 Mileage Log (SAMPLE) AG-808 Mileage Log

D12 New Agent Orientation – Human Resources

22-23 New Employee Benefit Enrollment FY23 Monthly Pay Schedule 2022-2023 Important Dates DS12 Calendar D12 Personnel Directory    

D12 New Agent Orientation – Trainings

Training Checklist Directions to enroll in Onboarding Courses

District 12 Facility Reservation Request Form


Binax Testing – Training Dates

BINAX TESTING – Training Dates

Agent Information Form