Agriculture & Natural Resources

The estimated value of agricultural production in District 12 for 2018 was around $1.5 billion of which $866 million comes from crop production, $313 million from livestock production and $328 million from agricultural related items such as hunting, fishing, recreation, etc.  The top commodities given their estimated value of production are Cotton, Cow/Calf, Production, Hunting, Vegetables, Fed Beef, Hay, Grapefruit, and Sorghum; the total value of agricultural production. Moreover, the top five counties in District 12 given their value of total agricultural production are Hidalgo, Cameron, Frio, Atascosa, and Willacy totaling around $805 million or around 63 percent of the total value of agricultural production. Other important commodities are sugarcane, citrus and vegetable production.

2017 Census of Agriculture

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