Wildlife Services

Click here to learn more about AgriLife Extension Wildlife Services, a cooperative program between USDA-APHIS, AgriLife Extension, and private/public funding partners of the program.

Top 5 Major Assistance Activities

• Protecting livestock, wildlife, and exotics from predators
• Protecting public health from rabies and other zoonotic diseases
• Protecting civil and military aviation from wildlife strikes
• Protecting crops, timber, dikes, impoundments and property from beaver damage
• Protecting urban and rural homes and property from damage by wildlife

Top 5 Research Projects

• Improving feral swine damage management methods and disease surveillance
• Skunk behavioral ecology in relation to future oral rabies vaccination programs
• Gray fox ecology in relation to oral rabies vaccination programs
• Uptake of fishmeal and dog food polymer baits in gray fox
• Coyote immunocontraception and other wildlife fertility control studies

Contact Information

Michael J. Bodenchuk
Director, Texas Wildlife Services
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 690170
San Antonio, TX 78269-0170
Physical Address:
5730 Northwest Parkway, Suite 700
San Antonio, TX 78249-3378
210.472.5451 (Office)
1.866.4USDAWS (1-866-487-3297) Toll-Free
210.561-3846 (FAX)

Rick Sramek
District Supervisor
P.O. Box 9259
Corpus Christi, Texas 78469
361.299.1176 (Office)
361.299.2838 (FAX)

Service Delivery Area for Wildlife Technicians

• Brooks County
• Cameron County
• Corpus Christi
• Duval County
• Hidalgo County
• Jim Hogg County
• Jim Wells County
• Kingsville
• Webb County
• Zapata County

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