Step 1: Purchase Request

Purchase Request

  • Complete and submit this form for authorization to make your purchase and to be issued a purchase order number (if applicable). I will email the number to you as soon as possible, after which you may continue with your purchasing.
  • NOTE: Please utilize your local vendors where you already have accounts set up, but keep in mind that all vendors must also be set up in our system otherwise, you should have them fill out a W-9 and forward to us so that we can set them up as vendors.
  • Name of the CEA to be reimbursed or the actual Vendor to be paid. (if applicable)
  • Description and purpose for the purchase. Include Event name/date/location if applicable.
  • Please type the Estimated Total of items you will purchase.
  • $0.00
  • Email address of the person submitting this request. A copy of this request and your purchase order number will come to the email provided.

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