Inventory Procedures

Please contact Lou at the District 12 office if you need to make any changes in your inventory.

The following is a quick reference to frequently used inventory forms.

  • AG-301 Property Transfers – Complete for all inventory items.
  • AG-312 Inventory Software Removal Certification – The purpose of this form is to verify the removal of the hard drive of any Texas A&M AgriLife Agency-owned computers being transferred.  Before transferring computer equipment to any other unit in the Texas A&M System, including Surplus, another state agency, or an outside entity, the releasing unit is required to remove the hard drive of the computer and to complete the Inventory Software Removal Certification (AG-312).
  • AG-302 Inventory Deletion Request – USE ONLY IF YOU HAVE “CANNIBALIZED” THE MACHINE.  Off campus units can request for deletion all property not worthy of further use, it is being sold, it is being transferred to the Texas A&M Surplus Property Office, public school, political subdivision or approved assistance organization.
  • AG-308 – Missing or Stolen Property Report – Complete report and include a copy of the police report (where applicable), and any other supporting documentation and forward to the Property Office.  Missing property will remain on your departmental inventory for at least two years. Stolen property however, will be deleted immediately.
  • AG-311 – Property Used Away from Assigned Location. This form must be updated annually.

 Fiscal Inventory Certification – Annual

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